More Like Jesus (Rebirth)

The home page for this blog site describes its purpose; however, let me tell you how the title was born and what makes this post a rebirth. 

You see, for as long as I can remember, I have always believed that I express words better on paper than I do verbally. This is why I would find myself writing letters or short notes to friends or family members to share words that most people would simply say over the phone or in person. My finite reasoning for this is when it comes to me sharing my deepest thoughts or feelings about something or someone, I feel more comfortable writing it instead of speaking it. However, over the years, I came to realize that God’s purpose for this was more than I could ever image. This writing “attribute”, as I called it, is actually a gift from God. An innate gift He blessed and purposed me to use for His glory. Although, I was writing before I really “knew” God, it wasn’t until after I chose to build a personal relationship with Him that my writing began to manifest into something greater. 

In January 2004, my younger sister launched a small Christian magazine labeled Spirit and Life, “the ultimate mini magazine for your spirit and life.” I became the penman, or shall I say pen “wo-man”, of a featured column titled “More Like Jesus.” The title was inspired by God through my sister, after she read my first article for the magazine. The column was simple writings of my life’s journey of trials, tribulations and teachings of God. I believe this was the true beginning of God releasing my gift to begin operating in its intended purpose. It wasn’t until some time after Spirit and Life’s publication ended, that I was able to see it clearly. I truly missed it, and even found my life somewhat void without it. When I was writing and sharing what God was doing in and through me, my life was in abundance. I was happier, humbler, filled with more joy and peace than any other time of my life. Not only was God getting the Glory out of my writing, He was getting the Glory out of my life. While, I trust that my stories were touching and blessing the life of the readers, without knowing it, I had come into agreement with God, that writing is not just about me expressing words better on paper, but it is a part of who I am and who He wants me to be. 

Although, I never stopped writing after Spirit and Life, I wasn’t sharing my writings as much. I had gone back to school to pursue my bachelors degree in what I thought was going to be Mass Communication and Journalism; however, it turned out that God had a different professional assignment for me that didn’t warrant such a degree. However, during this time of pause (16 years from when it all began), God has led me to “stir up the gift”; to rebirth More Like Jesus, and continue sharing my journey on a more broader platform. It is my prayer that my penned words will continue to inspire and encourage others, and maybe even lead others to share their journey. I want to let the world know that no matter what comes and goes in my life, falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I have ever done! 

Pressing Towards the Mark


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