Hello, I am AJ. My name is Arlice, (pronounced R-lease) the J is for Jewel which is my middle name. There is a lot I can tell you about me, but first and foremost, I want you to know I am a sinner saved by God’s grace. A born-again believer in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the holy trinity. Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I am oh so grateful that He thought I was worth saving!

Now that you know my identity and beliefs, I will share a few basic facts about my life. I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. My husband and I have raised three (3) sons and we have three (3) grandchildren. I serve professionally as an administrative professional for a local law enforcement agency. I am a member of the St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church of Opa Locka, Florida under the Pastoral Leadership of Reverend Ricardo Moore. There, I serve as the lead servant of the Women’s Ministry and teach Women’s Sunday School. I strive to deliver excellence in all that I do, and I try to encourage others to do the same.

I have been writing and sharing stories about my personal spiritual journey on and off for many years. However, most recently, God took me back to where my writing began, leading me here to continue what He started many years ago. I welcome your feedback, questions, or stories about you, so please feel free to comment on any of my posts or e-mail me at aj@morelikejesus3.com.

God Bless